How it All Works

For those new to The Poker Pub, or if you want a refresher on the structure I am posting this handy guide for you.


Nightly Tournaments:

Mondays at Southside Pizza.

7PM and 10PM game.

Tuesdays at Campus Bar and Grill.

6PM and 9PM game, with the last Tuesday of every month being Omaha night.

 Top 8 of each of these rounds will recieve a TOC ticket.  Your TOC ticket gets you into the early or late TOC corresponding with whether you placed in the top 8 of the early or late round of the nightly tournaments.   

 Your first tickets gets you entry into the specific round stated on the card.  Every additional ticket you turn in beyond the entry ticket gets you 200 additional chips at the beggining of the tournament. 

First place every round will receive a prize decided on by the bar. For games with 3+ tables, additional prizes will be given for second place and so on as deemed neccessary.

Top 8 will also be given points increasing in value from 8th place.

The Tournament of Champions will be at Southside Pizza and Pub on September 27th.  There is no Mizzou football game that day, so no worries to you football fans.  The top 4 players of each round will be combined to make a final table of eight that will play for the trip to Vegas.  The trip to Vegas includes a flight to Vegas, and a hotel reservation encompassing the time of the national tournament.  The winner of the national tournament can take the $10,000 WSOP seat, or opt out for $5,000 cash.

There will be multiple TOCs a year, so if you don't make the first one, keep trying!

Also, keep an eye out for special events, and other tournaments coming down the pipeline!